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Thursday, October 29

His Majesty undergoing fifth cycle of chemotherapy treatment

Crown Prince El Hassan, the Regent, telephoned his brother King Hussein today. The Crown Prince conveyed to the King, the Jordanian people’s deep affection and eagerness for His Majesty’s safe return. King Hussein reassured Crown Prince El Hassan that the results of the fourth session were very encouraging and better than expected.

Wednesday, October 28

King Hussein responding very well to treatment

In a statement today the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota said that, "His Majesty’s Mayo Clinic physicians are very pleased with the progress of treatment, as well as his positive response to the treatment." The statement went on to say that His Majesty "has not yet completed his therapy, but his treatment remains on schedule. It is fair to say he could be out in three to four weeks."

Monday, October 26

His Majesty receives invitation to visit France

French President Jacques Chirac telephoned King Hussein today and invited him to visit France. His Majesty had to cancel a state visit to France in late July shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. The King accepted the invitation, and will travel to France after he has made a full recovery. The two leaders discussed bilateral relations and President Chirac praised King Hussein’s role in securing a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Sunday, October 25

President Mubarak telephones King Hussein

His Majesty received a telephone call from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak today, who wished him a speedy recovery. The Egyptian President voiced appreciation of King Hussein’s efforts toward the conclusion of the Wye Plantation accord.

His Majesty telephones President Clinton

King Hussein called U.S. President Bill Clinton and expressed his deep appreciation of the administration’s efforts that enabled the Palestinians and Israelis to reach an agreement at Wye Plantation

Saturday, October 24

His Majesty receives Jordanian officials

King Hussein and his son, Prince Hamzah, met at their residence in Washington D.C. with former prime ministers Abdul Salam Majali and Abdul Karim Kabariti, Chief of the Royal Court Jawad Anani, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Field Marshal Abdul Hafez Marai Kaabneh.

King Hussein telephones U.S. Secretary of State Albright

His Majesty spoke to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to thank her for her role in reaching the Palestinian-Israeli accord.

Friday, October 23

His Majesty attends Peace Accord ceremony

King Hussein attended the signing ceremony at the White House today for an interim agreement of the Middle East Peace Accord. The accord is a result of nine intensive days of arduous negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis at the Wye Plantation. The U.S. brokered peace deal restores momentum to the Middle East peace process after a 19-month stalemate. In his address to the dignitaries and media attending the ceremony, His Majesty said, "We have no right to dictate through irresponsible action or narrow-mindedness the future of our children or their children. There has been enough destruction, enough death, enough waste, and it’s time that together we occupy a place beyond ourselves, our peoples, that is worthy of them under the sun, the descendants of the children of Abraham, Palestinians and Israelis together."

Wednesday, October 21

His Majesty receives Prince Zeid Bin Shaker

King Hussein met today with former Prime Minister, Prince Zeid Bin Shaker.

Tuesday, October 20

His Majesty joins talks at Wye Plantation

King Hussein today accepted the U.S. offer to participate in the peace talks, and has arrived at the Wye Plantation. State Department spokesman James Rubin said to reporters, "we think the King will help bring home to the two delegations the importance of taking the tough choices for peace."

Monday, October 19

His Majesty arrives in Washington, D.C.

Following the completion of the fourth session of chemotherapy treatment, King Hussein traveled to Washington, D.C. today. Mayo Clinic medical sources said that the King is responding very well to the treatment, and is showing good progress.

Friday, October 16

His Majesty confers with world leaders

King Hussein exchanged views today with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright via telephone. The conversations revolved around the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks at Wye Plantation.

His Majesty meets with Israeli Foreign Minister

King Hussein received newly appointed Israeli Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon, who will be taking part in the summit meeting at Wye Plantation. They discussed ways to get the peace process back on track in order for the Palestinians and Israelis to reach final status negotiations.

Wednesday, October 14

President Clinton shares views on upcoming summit with His Majesty

U.S. President Bill Clinton telephoned King Hussein to inquire about his health and wished His Majesty a speedy recovery. The two leaders exchanged views on several regional issues, including the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and the trilateral summit which will be held on October 15 at Wye Plantation, near Washington, D.C. President Clinton expressed appreciation for the leading role King Hussein plays in supporting the Middle East peace process and pledged his country’s continued support for Jordan in all fields. The two leaders also exchanged views on the Turkish-Syrian dispute and the on-going crisis between the two countries.

Crown Prince El Hassan briefs His Majesty on latest meetings

His Majesty was briefed today by his brother Crown Prince El Hassan the Regent on the outcome of the two recent meetings the Crown Prince held in Amman with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

Tuesday, October 13

Their Majesties receive Jordanian Parliament speakers

Having completed the fourth session of chemotherapy, His Majesty met with Senate Speaker Zaid Rifai, House Speaker Sa’ad Hayel Srour and President of the Higher Judicial Council Taher Hikmat at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Sunday, October 4

Their Majesties receive Jordanian Premier

King Hussein and Queen Noor met with Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh, Chief of the Royal Court Jawad Anani and Foreign Minister Abdul Ilah Khatib at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. His Majesty was briefed on the government’s programs and plans for implementing the royal letter of designation. Following the meeting, Prime Minister Tarawneh said that His Majesty’s treatment is progressing well and that he will be returning home soon. The Premier added that the meeting was a good opportunity for him to receive directives from the king on a large number of issues.

Thursday, October 1

King Hussein meets with Jordanian Senators

His Majesty received Senators Ahmad Odeidat and Taher Masri at his residence in Washington, D.C. The two senators, both outspoken critics of domestic and foreign policy, were appointed senators on September 12, 1998.

His Majesty receives a reply letter from Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah

In reply to a letter he had received from King Hussein, Crown Prince Abdullah wrote that he was deeply touched by the message, which reflected the true feelings shared among brothers. In his letter, Prince Abdullah wrote "we are confident that the future, with God’s will, is bound to bring us the good news of your return to the Arab and Muslim homeland as a leader and a brother exercising his historic role, along with his Arab brothers to deal with the challenges with great resolve and determination."

Sheikh Yassin marks the one year anniversary of his prison release

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin today thanked His Majesty for securing his release from an Israeli jail one year ago and wished him good health. Addressing a press conference in Gaza, Sheikh Yassin said that King Hussein played a pivotal role in securing his release together with several Palestinian detainees.

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