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Saturday, November 28

His Majesty congratulates new Speaker of the Lower House

King Hussein phoned Abdul Hadi Majali today to congratulate him on his election as Lower House speaker. His Majesty also phoned the former speaker, Said Hayel Srour, to express his appreciation for his efforts over the last four years.

Friday, November 27

His Majesty to return home in January

In a reply letter to Senate Speaker Zaid Rifai, King Hussein wrote that he may return home in January. His Majesty said that he has begun the sixth and final session of chemotherapy treatment, which will be followed by a bone marrow transplant. Ensuing a period of rest, His Majesty will return home to the Kingdom.

Tuesday, November 24

His Majesty nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

King Hussein has been nominated for the distinguished Nobel Peace Prize for his crucial role in the Middle East peace process from Madrid to the latest Palestinian-Israeli accord at Wye Plantation.

Monday, November 23

His Majesty receives Chief of the Royal Court

Chief of the Royal Court Jawad Anani briefed King Hussein today on a number of issues concerning the country. His Majesty also received Muslim Brotherhood leader Abdul Majid Thneibat in Washington D.C.

Sunday, November 22

King Hussein meets with U.S. Secretary of State

His Majesty received U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at his residence in Washington D.C. They reviewed the latest developments in the peace talks following the signing of the Wye River agreement between the Palestinians and Israelis. They also discussed bilateral relations and Secretary Albright stressed her country's support to Jordan, particularly in economic and development-related fields.

Saturday, November 21

His Majesty receives telephone call from President Mubarak

King Hussein and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak discussed the latest developments in the peace process via telephone today. The two leaders stressed the need for pushing ahead with the peace process in order to reach a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

Friday, November 13

His Majesty is cured from lymphoma

In a television interview with Jordan Television, King Hussein said that the "situation is excellent. Chemotherapy is over and, thank God, there is no trace of the lymphoma." His Majesty said that, "although stages of treatment were quite hard and difficult, they were nothing compared to one’s morale. Thank God that everything is proceeding in a good manner. By God’s will, this will be the final stage after which I will return home."

Mayo Clinic issues statement

In a statement issued today, the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota said that, "His Majesty is in complete remission from lymphoma. During the sixth, and final, treatment cycle which will start before the end of November, His Majesty’s doctors will do an auto-transplant of His Majesty’s own healthy stem cells which is a standard procedure to ensure a permanent remission."

Tuesday, November 10

His Majesty receives a telephone call from President Arafat

King Hussein spoke to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat today. President Arafat briefed His Majesty on the latest developments in the peace process and obstacles impeding the implementation of peace agreements.

Thursday, November 5

His Majesty reassures Senate of his good health

King Hussein sent a return cable to Senate Speaker Zaid Rifai thanking him for inquiring about his health. In his cable, His Majesty expressed his deep pride in the senators and reassured them that his health is good and that he will be returning home soon. King Hussein also referred to the Middle East peace process, saying that Jordan has always sought to attain a comprehensive peace for the benefit of the people of the region and their future generations.