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Tuesday, June 30

His Majesty sends condolences to Turkey

Turkish President Suleiman Demirel received a message of condolence from King Hussein over the tragic deaths resulting from an earthquake that hit Turkey three days ago.

King Hussein attends the graduation ceremony at the Royal Command and Staff Academy

Addressing the cadets, His Majesty said that the academy had “succeeded in providing you as army officers with the necessary skill in leadership but as of tomorrow you will be leaders of your military units.” The King added, “Do not ever forget that you represent the Jordanian military institution as well as the honor and pride of the nation, safeguarding its dignity and that of the Arab Nation throughout your life.” Also graduating from the academy were officers from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, Oman, Taiwan, Malaysia, Qatar, Mauritania, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan and France.

Sunday, June 28

His Majesty attends Graduation Ceremony

In an address at the ceremony for the graduation of the eleventh group of officers from Mu’tah University’s Military Wing, His Majesty said that the Jordanian Armed Forces will always be ready to defend the homeland: “Jordan, whose armed forces emanated from the forces of the Great Arab Revolt, will continue to safeguard the principles and objectives of the Arab homeland and will spare no effort in lending assistance to the Arab brothers anytime in adversity.” King Hussein also reiterated his belief in the need for more cooperation and coordination amongst Arab states in order to achieve an integrated Arab Legion.

Saturday, June 27

Their Majesties King Hussein and Queen Noor return to Jordan today from the USA

Monday, June 15

King Hussein holds discussions with President Clinton

In Washington D.C. today, His Majesty met with US President Bill Clinton at the White House. The two leaders discussed the stalled Middle East peace process and ways in getting the US initiative of a 13 per cent withdrawal by the Israelis to succeed. His Majesty also met with US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who told King Hussein that the US will continue its efforts to convince the Israeli government to accept the proposal.

Tuesday, June 9

Their Majesties today leave the Kingdom for the United States

Sunday, June 7

Emir of Bahrain wishes King Hussein well

His Majesty received a message from Bahraini Emir Sheikh Issa Ben Salman Al Khalifeh, who was flying through Jordanian air space. The Sheikh wished the King good health and a happy life and the Jordanian people further progress and prosperity.

King Hussein meets Israeli Defense Minister

His Majesty met with Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai for talks on the deadlocked peace process. King Hussein said after the meeting that he was optimistic about the peace process following what he heard from the Israeli minister. The discussions centered on issues of common concern pertaining to the peace process. With reference to the US proposal for further Israeli redeployment from the West Bank, King Hussein remarked “I believe the US proposal is very important and came as a result of a lengthy study by the US, which is a partner in the peace process, a role similar to that which the US has played before in the peace talks between Israel and Egypt.”

Saturday, June 5

His Majesty receives Vatican representative

His Majesty received Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, President of the Papal Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican. They discussed the celebrations that will be held in the year 2000 to mark the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ.

King Hussein addresses journalists on a wide-range of issues

His Majesty, speaking to over one hundred local and foreign journalists today at the Royal Court, said that the possibility of convening an Arab summit was now facing obstacles that stem from the 1991 Gulf crisis. The rift in Arab ranks that resulted from Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait “still exists and the catastrophe that befell us is still alive.” King Hussein furthered that Jordan will continue its efforts to convene the summit because Amman believes that the Arabs must reconcile their inter-relations and their ties to the outside world. His Majesty also said that there was a need to address the sanctions on Iraq and Libya, the siege against Sudan and the accusation against Syria that it was sponsoring terrorism. The King reiterated Jordan’s support for the Palestinian people, the Palestinian National Authority and the establishment of a Palestinian state: “We will not allow such an alternative to the PNA to exist, but we urge our Palestinian brothers to sit and talk to each other until they reach an agreement for their own good.” His Majesty also repeated his criticism of the Israeli government for its delaying policies in implementing the agreements signed with the Palestinians. The King called for direct dialogue between Iraq and the United States in order to help end the seven year siege: “The most important conclusion is that the Iraqi people have the right to make use of their wealth and capabilities and to have a honest and noble life on their soil.” Turning to the newly proposed press law, King Hussein said that the proposed law was meant “to fill legal and administrative gaps...and while raising the ceiling of the press it also increased journalists’ responsibilities.” The King added that “the proposed law has denied the government the right to take any punishment against any newspaper or a journalist and left this job to the judiciary.” Furthermore the law recognizes the journalists’ right to gain access to information and protect their sources. “What we need in this country,” King Hussein said, “is a press and media that tell the truth and defend it, not only as far as Jordan is concerned but as far as the Arab Nation as a whole is concerned.” Referring to the Lower House of Parliament, His Majesty said that he is ready to sit with members of the opposition and discuss all issues.

Wednesday, June 3

King Hussein awarded for his humanitarian efforts

The Executive Committee of the Federation of Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies awarded His Majesty the “Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Decoration” in appreciation of his humanitarian efforts and his continued support to ensure human rights and dignity for all people. The distinguished medal, which will be conferred upon His Majesty this September, is awarded to heads of state for their contributions to humanitarian causes.

Tuesday, June 2

King Hussein receives US official

His Majesty received US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Mr. Thomas Pickering. During the meeting, King Hussein stressed the need to unify all efforts to bridge the gap between the Palestinians and Israelis within the framework of the American proposal that was already accepted by the Palestinians. Mr. Pickering commented that the Kingdom has a very important role to play for peacemaking in the region, “the role of Jordan, obviously, has always been very large. In this particular process, Jordan remains a pioneer and we must work closely with Jordan to ensure that the process goes ahead.”

King Hussein and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah conclude talks

His Majesty and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah continued their talks today and agreed on the need for the Israelis and the Palestinians to implement signed commitments based on legitimate international resolutions, and the principle of land for peace, the basis from which the peace process started off at the Madrid Peace Conference.

Monday, June 1

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah visits Jordan

In the first high-level Saudi visit to the Kingdom in over eight years, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz arrived in Amman today for a two-day visit in order to hold talks with His Majesty King Hussein and Crown Prince El-Hassan on prospects for holding an Arab summit.