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Wednesday, July 29

His Majesty receives cables of good wishes

King Hussein received cables from world leaders today, expressing their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, July 28

King Hussein says he will make a full recovery

In a live interview on Jordan Television, His Majesty explained that he has completed “the first phase of a chemotherapy treatment that consists of six phases, each lasting four days with a break of three weeks in between.” King Hussein added that his “general condition is excellent and my mind is clear...I have no worry except that of being away from home.” A statement by the Mayo Clinic said that the results after the first cycle of treatment have been very encouraging and that, “plenty of relaxation, combined with good nutrition and exercise will be an integral part of the treatment.”

Monday, July 27

King Hussein reacts positively to chemotherapy

His Majesty has undergone chemotherapy to treat the cancer in his lymph glands. Doctors in the US have said that the cancer is in its initial stage and is “100 percent curable.” King Hussein will now leave the hospital for a few days before returning to commence the second phase of treatment.

Tuesday, July 22

His Majesty discloses that he may have cancer

In an open letter to his brother Crown Prince El Hassan, King Hussein wrote that although he is undergoing further tests, his symptoms indicate that he is suffering from lymphoma. If this is the case, His Majesty will undergo chemotherapy treatment. Doctors said that they are waiting for the full details of the histopathology reports before any decision is made.

Tuesday, July 14

Their Majesties leave the Kingdom to go to the Mayo Clinic in the United States

His Majesty receives Yemeni Interior Minister

Yemeni Interior Minister Hussein Mohammed Arab delivered a message from President Ali Abdullah Saleh to King Hussein today. Mr. Arab reassured the King on the internal situation in Yemen and discussed ways to further Jordanian-Yemeni relations.

His Majesty meets Israeli Labour leader Barak

Following talks with Isaeli opposition leader Ehud Barak, King Hussein warned that the window of opportunity for peace is closing and that “we must concentrate on the time factor...fast and courageous decisions must be made to push the process forward.”

Monday, July 13

Shimon Peres acknowledges Israel’s nuclear arsenal

Speaking to the U.N. International Leadership Academy in Amman, Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres acknowledged, prior to his meeting with King Hussein and Crown Prince El Hassan, that Israel possesses nuclear weapons. Turning to the peace process, the former Israeli Prime Minister said that, “in order for Israel to remain a Jewish state, we need a Palestinian state...the choice is clear for the future, either you have a binational state or you have two states. A binational state will become a binational tragedy.”

Wednesday, July 8

His Majesty telephones Libyan leader

King Hussein wished the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Qadhafi a speedy recovery following his successful hip surgery today.

Thursday, July 2

Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad appointed to a new post

By Royal Decree, His Majesty appointed Prince Ghazi as his advisor on tribal affairs today. In a letter to Prince Ghazi, King Hussein stressed today’s importance of the tribes as well as their historical role during the early days of the Kingdom. “The tribes of Jordan have always been at the center of our confidence, a source of our pride and a target of our attention since the very beginning. The tribes of Jordan are our kinsmen who have served the Kingdom under the most severe conditions and circumstances, always performing their duty to the nation,” the king wrote.

Wednesday, July 1

Iraqi Transport Minister briefs His Majesty

King Hussein and Crown Prince El Hassan were briefed today by Iraqi Minister Ahmad Murtadha and Jordanian Minister of Transport Sami Gammo on the Jordanian-Iraqi Land Transport Company’s performance and ways to improve it.