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Friday, August 28

His Majesty receives Jordanian Speaker of the Senate

Senator Zeid Rifai listened to King Hussein’s directives for the upcoming meetings of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), which will take place in South Africa. The Senate Speaker will attend the meeting in King Hussein’s absence.

Thursday, August 20

King Hussein sends letter of designation to the new Premier

King Hussein’s letter to the Premier addresses the need for "telling the truth and acting with transparency in presenting the facts to the public are among the most important duties of the government." In the designation letter, His Majesty reiterated Jordan’s commitment to peace and also entrusted the government with fighting unemployment. Accordingly, Prime Minister Tarawneh selected his cabinet today, with a clear agenda to address the problem of nepotism and declining living standards.

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Wednesday, August 19

King Hussein offers his condolences

His Majesty sent a cable to the Toukan family following the death of Baha’ Uddin Toukan, father of the late Queen Alia.

His Majesty appoints a new Premier

King Hussein named Dr. Fayez Tarawneh the new Prime Minister today, and entrusted him to form a new government, following the resignation of Prime Minister Majali.

Sunday, August 15

King Hussein delegates powers to Crown Prince El Hassan

It was stated in the Official Gazette today that His Majesty has delegated additional executive powers to HRH Crown Prince El Hassan, the Regent. A Royal Decree issued on August 12 empowers Crown Prince El Hassan to accept or demand the resignations of ministers and the prime minister, and gives him authority in areas of governance except for declaring war, entering treaties and amending the Constitution. The Royal Decree was aimed at giving the Regent adequate authority to run the country during His Majesty’s absence while receiving treatment at the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Friday, August 14

Message to Prime Minister Majali

His Majesty today sent a letter to Prime Minister Abdul Salam Majali, saying that public servants should perform their duties with honesty, integrity and dedication in a creative spirit. In the letter, King Hussein said that "The immunity granted to public sector officials should not give them the excuse to act irresponsibly or feel exempt from being held accountable for their negligence and failure to carry out their duty."

Wednesday, August 12

His Majesty receives Sheikh Hamad

King Hussein today was visited by Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who wished His Majesty good health and congratuled him on the 46th anniversary of his Accession to the Throne. The two leaders discussed bilateral relations and issues of common concern.

Tuesday, August 11

King Hussein speaks with President Mubarak

His Majesty today received a telephone call from Egyptian President Husni Mubarak. The two leaders discussed a number of issues of common concern.

Interview with Agence France Presse/Radio Monte Carlo

His Majesty conducted a wide-ranging telephone interview from Washington, DC with Randa Habib, the Amman-based correspondent for Radio Monte Carlo and Agence France Presse. In the interview, King Hussein dismissed speculation concerning the succession to the throne as "nonsensical." He stressed that the succession rests firmly in the hands of his brother HRH Crown Prince El Hassan, and that such speculation is "out of line." King Hussein said that his health is now far better than when he was admitted to the Mayo Clinic on July 14. Concerning the faltering Arab-Israeli peace process, His Majesty stated firmly that "the answer is in the hands of Israel and its government." His Majesty said that he "was deeply disturbed" by the recent water crisis in Jordan and the attempt at covering up the defects in dealing with it, saying "we should act with full transparency so that we can correct our mistakes."

Jordan celebrates King Hussein’s accession to the Throne

Jordan today celebrated the 46th anniversary of King Hussein’s Accession to the Throne of Jordan. His Majesty became King on August 11, 1952, and assumed constitutional powers when he reached the age of 18 (according to the Islamic calendar) on May 2, 1953. His Majesty is the longest-serving executive head of state in the world today.

Friday, August 7

King Hussein, Queen Noor dine with the Clintons

Their Majesties King Hussein and Queen Noor were guests of US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton at the White House Friday night. His Majesty piloted his own airplane from the Mayo Clinic to Washington, DC.

His Majesty sends a letter to Crown Prince El Hassan

His Majesty today sent a letter from the Mayo Clinic, where he is undergoing medical treatment, to his brother Crown Prince El Hassan. In the letter, he stressed his support for and confidence in Crown Prince El Hassan, the Regent, and reasssured him that his health is continuing to improve. He warned of the "dangers that loom ahead" in the region if procrastination and shortsightedness continue to block the way toward a just and comprehensive peace. On the local level, His Majesty pointed to several recent incidents of negligence, emphasizing that those in positions of responsibility must be held accountable.

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