Vine, Peter. Jewels of the Kingdom: The Heritage of Jordan. London: IMMEL Publishing, 1989.

This publication is an overview of Jordan’s heritage, tradition, natural history and art. The author takes the reader through time, with glimpses of the myriad civilizations and personalities forming a backdrop to modern Jordan. While much of the country is a vast golden desert, the natural vegetation is widely varied and includes steppe, pine and oak forests, tropical, mountain and marine habitats, all of which are augmented by photographs, illustrations and maps guaranteed to wet the appetite of all natural enthusiasts. One cannot fully perceive the character of a nation without studying its art, and it is apparent from the paintings reproduced in this book that the artists of Jordan are well-qualified to interpret their heritage in terms of a dynamic present. Finally, readers are given an up-to-date view of an exciting young nation where agriculture, education, communications and business are moving confidently towards the next millennium.