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A Commitment to World Peace

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Humanitarian and Peace-Brokering Missions

In its role on the world stage, Jordan has endeavored to embody the Islamic ideals of compassion and aid for the needy. The Kingdom has sent medical and relief supplies to various areas in need of help such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Chechnya, Abkhazia, Iran and Japan, to name but a few. Likewise, in the interest of peace Jordan has served as a third party negotiator, mediating in various Arab and Islamic disputes. King Hussein attempted unsuccessfully to negotiate a peaceful withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait, although Jordan was castigated and punished for playing this role. Jordan was temporarily successful in moderating conflict in the Yemeni civil war, and it also attempted unsuccessfully to mediate a resolution at the beginning of the war in Chechnya.


Hebron Agreement

His Majesty the late King Hussein worked tirelessly and continuously to advance the cause of peace between Palestinians and Israelis. While refusing to negotiate on behalf of either party, King Hussein sometimes offered ideas to bridge the gaps between the two parties. For instance, his 11th-hour intervention in January 1997 brought Palestinian President Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to an agreement on the long-awaited withdrawal of Israeli troops from most of the West Bank town of Hebron.


Her Majesty Queen Noor on Landmines

In 1998, Her Majesty Queen Noor stepped to the forefront of the challenge to rid the world of landmines, becoming the international spokesperson for the Landmine Survivors Network. The organization held a conference in Amman in July 1998, at which Jordan announced that it would sign onto a global ban on antipersonnel mines and speed up efforts to remove existing mines. Jordan is only the fifth country in the Middle East to sign the global landmine ban. About ten percent of Jordan's population still lives in areas rendered dangerous or economically unproductive because of landmines.