Amman Chamber of Industry
The site provides a guide to a wide range of services including trade missions, commodity exhibitions and round-table investment services.

Amman Financial Market
The Amman Financial Market lists daily stock quotes, special reports, and information on brokers.

Jordan Commerce Law
Jordan’s commercial law provides the texts of Jordan’s investment, customs, income tax, corporate, and telecommunications laws.

Jordan Export Development and Commercial Centers Corporation (JEDCO)
JEDCO is an agency which assists Jordanian exporters in penetrating foreign markets and locating suitable foreign partners for business ventures. The site features a searchable directory of Jordanian exporters and a list of business opportunities in Jordan.

Jordan Investment Promotion Corporation (IPC)
IPC was established in 1995 to spur investment in the country and facilitate partnerships between local and foreign companies. The site lists business and investment opportunities in Jordan, economic indicators and statistics, and Jordanian business news. It also has links to commercial and investment information and legislation from the National Information Center.

The Euro-Jordanian Business Service Team (BST)
The Euro-Jordanian Business Service Team (BST) is a non-profit consulting organization, which offers its services to small & medium size, private Jordanian enterprises. The European commission finances the services as part of Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Agreement.

The Federation of Jordanian Chamber of Commerce (FJCC)
The FJCC provides an umbrella for 14 Chambers of Commerce located in the major cities and districts of Jordan. It also provides its services to a community of 70 000 members engaged in the various trading and business activities. This site offers information on trade opportunities and a business directory.

The Free Zones Corporation
An extensive information on the diverse free area zones founded in Jordan; including Zarqa, Aqaba, Sahab, Queen Alia International Airport, and the Private Free Zone. The site attracts local and foreign capitals, in addition to portraying the corporation’s employment of various investments, trades, and economic activities established in the Free Zones.



American Center for Oriental Research (ACOR)
ACOR is one of the largest archaeological, social and scientific research organizations in Jordan. The numerous services and support activities that ACOR provides are detailed on the web site.

Archaeology in Jordan
An overview of the archaeological institutes in Jordan with a comprehensive look at the work being conducted in the kingdom. Visitors will find information on numerous digs, maps and research being conducted by the different institutes.

Baladna is an online browser-based, media and community service that gives you up-to-date political, business and entertainment news in Jordan.

A non-profit site with information and links to children’s web sites all over the globe. The site also contains links and information on several of Jordan’s foremost associations and societies for the development of children in society.

Darat al-Funun
One of Jordan’s premier showcases for art exhibitions, Darat al-Funun is dedicated to Arab fine arts, and to the promotion of cultural and creative dialogue among the people of the Arab world. The site also contains a wide variety of helpful information including exhibition dates, lectures to be held, critical reviews and a large archive of contemporary Arab artists’ portfolios.

Holy Sites of Jordan
TURAB, a Jordanian cultural charity founded in 1994 to protect, preserve and propagate traditional Jordanian, Arab and Islamic culture. TURAB is an acronym for the Arabic “Turath Al-Urdun Al-Baqi” (“The Everlasting Heritage of Jordan”), and in Arabic means “earth.” This web site presents fascinating descriptions and beautiful photographs of Jordan’s Muslim and Christian holy sites.

Jordan River Designs (JRD)
Established in 1987, JRD is a non-profit organization under the presidency of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah whose objectives are to "improve the financial, cultural, health, social, educational, technical skills and the well being of the community at large." Projects include prevention of child abuse and youth employment. JRD is a handicrafts income-generating project for women in East Amman and plans to expand to other underprivileged communities in Jordan.

Noor Al Hussein Foundation (NHF)
Established in 1985, the NHF initiates and supports national, regional and international projects in the fields of integrated community development, child and family health, women and enterprise development, gender and development, and education and culture. Several Noor Al Hussein projects have been recognized and supported by United Nations and other international organizations as model projects for the Middle East and developing world.

Pan Arab Games
The official web site of the 9th Pan Arab Games which is held in Amman, Jordan. The site offers its viewers updated and extensive news about the daily games, scoring, scheduling…etc. This event is considered the last and biggest Arab sports of the century, and was renamed Al-Hussein Tournament in memory of the late King Hussein bin Talal.

The Jerash Festival
The Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts takes place annually in late July. This site provides background and current news about the festival, as well as a program schedule.

Webs of Jordan
A useful and thorough reference site with telephone and fax numbers of Jordan’s hotels, restaurants, cultural centers, touristic companies and much more. The site also offers information to facilitate travelers to plan their trip and contact travel agents.



Aal al-Beit University
Translated into English, the Aal al-Beit means ‘The House of the Prophet’ University. The university aims to combine the requirements of scientific methodology in teaching and research, with the requirements of belief and clarity of vision, thus creating harmony between the well-rounded personality of the Muslim and his new environment.

Arab Thought Forum
The Forum is an independent, pan-Arab, non-governmental organization established in 1981 on the initiative of HRH Prince El Hassan of Jordan and 25 eminent Arab intellectuals and experts on development, to promote greater linkages between the Arab thinkers and the process of public policy formulation. The Arab thought Forum aims to generate debate on important developmental, cultural, and policy issues, in order to promote the Inter-Arab and Arab-International cooperation.

Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies
The mission of the Institute involves research, publication, and the organization of lectures, conferences, and workshops in the fields of Christian and Judaic studies with direct or indirect relevance to the Arab and Islamic worlds.

University of Jordan
This is the home page of the University of Jordan, the country’s first and largest public institution of higher learning.



Embassy of Jordan, Japan
The site provides visitors with news from Jordan as well as good links to Jordanian web sites.

Embassy of Jordan, London
The site provides information on the embassy’s services and the Jordan Information Bureau based in London. Updated daily and interactive, the site is a useful tool for all visitors.

Embassy of Jordan, Washington, D.C.
The site provides information on the embassy’s services and the Jordan Information Bureau based in the US capital. Updated daily, it also provides visitors with the latest news and events from the Kingdom, including articles from The Jordan Times.

General Intelligence Department
In a historical shift towards more openness, the GID goes public as the first intelligence agency in the Middle East to open a web page. The site offers an interesting glimpse of the history, doctrine, responsibilities and viewpoints of the General Intelligence Department.

Her Majesty Queen Noor Web Site
This lively and well-organized site offers extensive information about Her Majesty Queen Noor and the developmental and environmental causes she advocates. The site is frequently updated with speeches, interviews and press releases from Her Majesty, and includes a wealth of photographs.

Her Royal Highness Princess Basma
This finely designed site provides extensive information about HRH Princess Basma’s work in the areas of development, the advancement of women and children, her role with the United Nations and other humanitarian efforts in Jordan.

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan
HRH Prince El Hassan's web site is a record of achievement in the service of Jordan both at home and abroad. More than three decades of which His Royal Highness served as Crown Prince and close confidant to His Majesty the Late King Hussein in what was most appropriately described as "unique partnership".

Jordan National Information System
This site offers data about the country, focusing on economic and social statistics. It contains information about governmental organizations and agencies, business enterprises and factors affecting the investment climate. A sizeable body of Jordanian commercial law is also present.



Al Arab Al Yawm
A Jordanian daily Arabic newspaper

A Jordanian daily Arabic newspaper.

Jordan’s leading Arabic daily newspaper.

Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
This site provides comprehensive and updated information about Jordan’s radio and television media, including broadcasting schedules, national and international news, special reports, columns, sports, and local issues.

The Jordan Times
Jordan’s English-language daily newspaper.

The Star
Jordan’s English-language political, economic and cultural weekly newspaper.



Higher Council for Science and Technology
This institution is entrusted with the planning and implementation of Jordan’s scientific and technological progress. The site offers a comprehensive overview of the council’s activities, as well as useful statistical information and contacts.

Jordan Astronomical Society
This award winning site offers information on its objectives, its previous and upcoming activities, as well as an interesting section entitled “Observing the Sky.”

The Royal Scientific Society
This organization is a non-profit institution enjoying financial and administrative independence. It aims at conducting scientific and technological research and development work related to the development process in Jordan. It also aims at disseminating awareness in the scientific and technological fields, while providing specialized technical consultations and services to the public and private sectors.



Discovery Travel and Eco-Tourism
Led by naturalists, archeologists and historians, Discovery Eco-tours are designed to allow you unparalleled exposure to Jordan's captivating landscape and diverse lifestyles. Jordan offers part of the Middle East's most exciting and accessible spots for a variety of natural adventures.

Jordan Eco-Tours
Jordan Eco-Tours is a dynamic tourism company that operates both classical and ecologically orientated travels in Jordan and the Middle East. It specializes in outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, climbing and parachuting.

Jordan Tourism Investment
Established in 1989, JTI works at promoting and developing tourist village resorts and traditional handicrafts. The villages of Kan Zaman, just south of Amman, and Taybet Zaman hotel and resort at Petra, are a blend of both old and new, offering a unique experience to visitors.

Nebo Tourism Services Company
Nebo Tours offers you the chance to explore an exciting destination, to rediscover an ancient land that has been home to many empires and dynasties for thousands of years.

Petra Tours
Established in 1965, Petra Tours is one of Jordan's largest travel and tourism companies. Its activities cover both incoming and outgoing travel to and from Jordan and the Middle East as well as travel management, airline ticket sales and cargo services.

Royal Jordanian
Jordan’s national airline, this site lists flight schedules and other information helpful to the flying traveler.

Royal Wings
As a new company bridging our region, Royal Wings connects Amman, to the Red Sea and neighboring countries.

Zara Dead Sea Products
An interesting glimpse into the wonders of the Dead Sea. Zara introduces the unique therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea minerals and natural-base care products.