Throughout this difficult period, King Hussein kept his people fully abreast of the details of his medical situation. On July 14, 1998, the day he left Jordan, it was still unclear what His Majesty was suffering from, except that he was getting high fever and cold sweats. One week later, on July 22, His Majesty sent a letter from the Mayo Clinic in the US to his brother Crown Prince El Hassan,  telling him and the Jordanian people that his symptoms indicated that he might be suffering from lymphoma, and that if this indeed was the case, he would be undergoing chemotherapy. A few days later, King Hussein began chemotherapy after his doctors confirmed that the cancer, lymphoma type B, was in its initial stages and that it is “one hundred percent curable.” On July 28, His Majesty gave an interview to Jordan Television, where Jordanians were able to see him for the first time since he had left the country. He explained in detail the schedule of the six phases of treatment he would be receiving, and said: “As far as I am concerned, the morale factor is very high….. I have always been a firm believer and it is God’s will that one faces another battle. But I am determined to do my best to win it.” King Hussein continued to reassure his people, saying, “I am fighting fit and doing my best on my side, and I have the best medical care in the world.”

In spite of all the painful challenges King Hussein was facing, he remained in close touch with his people and all the developments taking place in Jordan, giving directives on a regular basis. In between chemotherapy treatments, His Majesty also played a crucial role in pushing forward the Arab-Israeli peace process, culminating in the signing of the Wye Memorandum on October 23rd. His momentous speech at the White House signing ceremony was yet another example of King Hussein's commitment to peace and his willingness to sacrifice his health in the hope of achieving peace and prosperity for Jordanians and all the peoples of the Middle East.

(The letters His Majesty sent to his brother and to the prime minister of Jordan, as well as the interviews he granted and the Wye Memorandum speech, can be found on the web site.)

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